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Advantages of a Forensic Pathologist

A board-certified Forensic Pathologist looks at the big picture and assimilates all sources of information to reach a reasonable medical conclusion. They are familiar with the legal process and are used to dealing with attorneys and the courts in the proper presentation of testimony. On a daily basis they deal with disease processes of all kinds as well as multiple types of trauma or unnatural injury and death.

Forensic pathologists are intimately familiar with issues of death certificate completion, determining the manner of death as well as the actual cause and mechanism, as well as identifying discrepancies within and between medical records, autopsy reports and investigative reports. Dr. Bonnell is also an expert in toxicology and drug studies and has published in this field.

Forensic pathologists review medical records on a daily basis and are adept at reading between the lines and identifying errors of omission as well as commission. They are knowledgeable in the terminology used by many different medical specialties as well as being aware of the most common therapeutic errors.

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